Ebony Bones – EQLovesFestival Gothenburg 24-25 August 2018

EQLovesFestival Gothenburg 24-25 August 2018


Ebony Bones

  • 16:30 Live Talk Equality Movement in the world with Ebony Bones, Sylvia Massy.

(The festival opens at 15:00 – See Time schedule here)

We are very happy to announce that Ebony Bones is coming to our inspirational festival! Ebony Bones, is a producer and an artist who recently was participating in a HBO Vice News Interview about music production and equality: 

Ebony Bones is a versatile producer who not only produces for herself as an artist but also set the tone for the fashion show music for large brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander Wang. She also produced on Yoko Ono’s track “No Bed for Beatle John”.

Ebony have received several mentions and praises by Jay-Z, The New York Times, The Guardian, etc.

”With a blonde afro and a London accent, Ebony Bones is a visionary artist who works across genres and disparate sounds. What sets her apart is that she writes, composes, produces and releases her own punk-inflected, alternative soundtracks, many of which are graced with dark pop undertones. Studying alongside Amy Winehouse, Bones has been enlisted by Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander Wang to score campaigns and runway shows, and is also noted for her collaborations with Yoko Ono. With a forthcoming third album featuring The Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra, Bones is a self-produced artist and one of a few women in the male-dominated production world. Making her one of the most prominent female producers and redefining voices in the music industry today.” – Nadia Sayei

Read more: https://www.iamebonybones.com

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