AYLA – EQLovesFestival Gothenburg 24-25 August 2018

EQLovesFestival Gothenburg 24-25 August 2018



Ayla will be interviewed live on stage by Ika Johannesson and also perform Live with her songs, along with DJ miss Jen.


She is an independent artist, singer and music producer from Malmö with strong DIY mentality.
When Ayla releases her own music, she stands for production, text, recording and mixing. All release takes place independently through her own company.
Ayla followed this autumn’s 2014 album ”Ayla Shatz” with the amazing EPn ”Loops and
Thoughts ”. On the EPn we get along on a shimmering musical journey where Ayla’s enchanting voice shows us through productions that are most similar to a summer night dream. Modern sounds and arrangements combine with classical feel and old school beats to one of the strongest releases of the year. In addition, she has an impressive collaborative list of amazing releases from Cleo, Broder John, Looptroop Rockers, Embee, Aurelia Dey and O-Dog, including just a few.

Nice to know:
• Released his debut album ”Ayla Shatz” January 2015.
• Toured and backed Cleo in 2015 and 2016, along with Broke N ’Tipsy and Brother John.
• Toured and backed Promoe (Looptroop) in the summer of 2016.
• Driver Spinneriet – a folk high school course in Malmö with a focus on music production and artistry within
hip hop and watch together with Dirty Jens and Bac Nini.
• Tight collaboration with DJ Eka Scratch, based in Malmö. All live performances are backed by Eka Scratch.
• Participated in over 30 songs with other artists and producers.
• Started producing music at the age of sixteen after her mother taught her how one
music programs on your computer work.
• Toured and sang in Faela for 3 years – a Latin / Reggae / Balkan band based in Malmö.
• Shortened their artist name from ”Ayla Shatz” to ”Ayla” only in the fall of 2017.


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